Tank Museum Visit 


Danville Va 

It was a great "boy day out" at the tank museum, only 45 minutes from home.  Dad was the celebrity as he posed with the WWII 57mm antitank gun he operated throughout the war from Normandy, thru the battle of the bulge an into Germany.  Jeff, Roger and Tim were  outstanding tour guides. Jeff provided info on tanks from WWII to present.  Roger a Vietnam tank mechanic, provided vivid details on the repair and operation of tanks of that ERA.  Tim filled in the gap from the early 60's. The day ended with a Pizza fest and a good night's sleep.  

These are our pictures:


Some of the awesome setups



Another excellent restoration                                      Dad poses in front of the 57mm anti tank 

                                                                               gun he he fired throughout WWII


                                                                    Tim is awed by the massive size of the guns!!


The scenes were life like  as Trent reviews the  tank data


The team  reviews a Russian tank  as Jeff explains the details in the use of plows on tanks



Dad relates to Trent some war stories as we reviewed more tanks


Brian &  William kept us laughing 




Dad explains how to tow, aim, load and fire the 57mm he lived with in WWII to Jeff, Brian and William

The man that made this all possible


The boys explain  the art of riding a shell in battle


Dad proudly poses in front of  the 57mm he fired throughout  WWII


The military bicycle display was  awesome!!!

We told dad not to fire the 57mm!!!!